Our comprehensive set of services includes:

  • Debt Negotiation: Sometimes your financial condition is such that you can’t afford to make debt payments that too with added interests. While you may not know what to do and whom to rely on, Debt Management Ltd. is the answer.
  • Formal Debt Agreement: The best way to avert bankruptcy, a formal debt agreement could do the saving. It is a method to deal with unsecured loans in an effective manner. You instantly get relief from nagging creditor calls, once you opt for a formal debt agreement.
  • One Year Bankruptcy: You may be totally against going bankrupt but sometimes this is the only solution you are left with. You need to understand that nothing else could work for as it is the last resort.
  • Debt Management Plan: This is the best way to manage your income and expenses. Our team of professionals would guide you through the way to your better days.

Our experienced team would strike a conversation with your creditors and would try to negotiate with the promised amount. If they agree, Voila! You can now pay off the decided amount either in installments or on-time down payment.

By following this method, one can pay the outstanding payments either in weekly or monthly installments. The interest associated with the loan would be done away with after coming to terms with the creditor.


In this one-year bankruptcy, you would not be eligible for taking any more loans and would be blacklisted from requesting any funding aid. But remember this is certainly not the end!

In this process, online tools and experienced professionals would help you analyze your income, expenses, and debts. Upon mutual cooperation with you, we would formulate a tailored management program wherein you can pay your debt as well as do the savings.